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Interlibrary Loan Form

Who to contact with questions?

If you have problems, please email OR call 785-594-8427, or for immediate assistance, call 785-594-8414 or email

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Who is eligible?

The Interlibrary loan borrowing staff will attempt to get materials for Baker faculty (current, retired, adjunct), staff, and students.

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What can I borrow?

Interlibrary loan is available for items not owned by Collins Library. Remember to use your Baker email address when placing requests.

Items that are difficult to obtain through interlibrary loan are:

  • recently published books
  • entire volumes of a periodical
  • reference works
  • rare books and original manuscripts
  • AV material and computer software
  • Dissertations and theses

Generally, we will not place requests for textbooks, study guides or workbooks that might be required for a class. These should be purchased from the campus bookstore.

At this time, we are not able to request E-books.

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How long does it take?

Plan ahead when requesting materials. While we try to fill your request as quickly as possible, please remember it will take some time. Allow more time for unusual or specialized materials.

We will endeavor to get items requested by Baker patrons in a timely manner. During high traffic times, a general rule of 5 requests per borrower, per day will be processed.  As time allows, all other requests above the 5 will be processed. 

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How do I request a renewal?

If you need to renew an item, please contact or 785-594-8427. Renewals should be made BEFORE the due date. The lending library sets the loan period and some libraries do not allow renewals.

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How long can I have ILL materials and what happens if I turn them in late?

Loan periods are determined by the lending library, and should be promptly returned to the library to avoid late fees or charges.  Interlibrary loan fees are different from regular late fees. When an item is more than one week overdue, the borrower’s library account is manually barred (blocked).

On the eighth day past the Baker due date (the day after the lending library due date), the borrower has a fine of $8. Thereafter, the fine accrues at $1 a day.  On the twenty first day, the item is declared lost and the borrower is billed for the lending library charges plus a $50 processing fee (replacing the $21 overdue fine).

If the book is returned after the twenty first day and the lending library has not been paid, the borrower is charged the $21 overdue fine and the processing fee will be canceled.

If the book is returned after the twenty first day and the lending library has been paid, the book is the borrower’s to keep and the borrower is still responsible for the processing fee and the lending library charges.

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Other information

Please fill out the interlibrary loan form with all the information.  Incorrect information or partial information will only slow down the process of getting you the requested materials. For books, please note if we need to mail materials to you.  Remember to use your Baker email address for all requests.

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What is our lending policy for other libraries?

We honor requests from libraries in good standing within the constraints of our time, resources and local needs. We try to be as generous as possible in our lending, but may not be able to lend the following types of items:

  • Reference materials
  • Videos for current classes
  • Unique or irreplaceable items
  • Fragile items
  • Music recordings

Copies are sent electronically whenever possible; otherwise we use first class mail or couriers


  • We usually respond to requests within one working day
  • OCLC requested resources are due 45 days after initial checkout from our library.
  • Items are shipped via courier on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Items sent via USPS are sent by the cheapest rate available unless there are special circumstances.


  • We do not charge for copies or loans.
  • When it has been determined that a loaned item is lost, the borrowing library will be assessed the cost of replacement plus a $10.00 processing fee.

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