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Resources to find information about the Ford Motor Company's Pinto.

Newspaper databases

The Baker University Library subscribes to a wide variety of databases that cover hundreds of newspapers. Some are focused on business issues, while others cover the wide spectrum we call "News".

You may be interested in following the story as it unfolded in the New York Times. You can also find stories that will recap the events and put them in perspective of today's news.

The boxes below these listings provide step-by-step instructions for finding news about the Ford Pinto case through the database, Nexis Uni. You'll see how to limit your search specifically to the New York Times .

Find articles in the New York Times through Nexis Uni

To find articles only in the New York Times:

  • From the opening screen, select the Advanced Search screenundefined
  • From the top of the page, select: News
  • Fill in the form to reflect the most focused search.
    For example:
    type: pinto and change the field to Headings, which will find your word in the headlines and lead paragraph. This will eliminate stray articles where your word pops up in articles that only mention the word in passing.
    type: New York Times in the next box and change the field to Publications. This will limit your search only to the New York Times.
    type: ford and change the field to Company Name. This will eliminate finding pinto in an article about beans.


             This method yields only a few articles, but it might save you time from scanning a long list of articles.

If you want to see ALL articles about the Ford Pinto in a variety of newspapers and trade publications, follow these directions BUT eliminate specifying New York Times in the Publication box.

In addition, you can make your search even more focused by using special connectors like "w/p", meaning "within a paragraph". Try doing your search this way:

  • From the Guided Search area on the home page, select: News
  • From the next box, "Search in all News for", type: pinto w/p ford w/p automobile.


  • You will get thousands of results in the Results page. Use the column on the left to limit your results further.