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QS 212: Comics in Crisis (SP 2019)

Find Newspaper Articles Using LexisNexis

Newspapers are one of the main resources available in LexisNexis Academic, which can be searched by:

1. Under guided search, make sure News is selected, type in your topic, select a date range, and click the Search button

2. Review your results

Finding News and Magazine Articles on the EBSCO Platform

Since newspaper and magazine articles are included in many databases, you might consider searching all EBSCOhost databases at once using the following approach:

1. After opening a new search in Academic Search Premier, click the "Choose Databases" link

2. Click the select/deselect all check box and click OK

3. Enter the search terms for your historical issue or event

4. Use the Source Types limiter to narrow your search to magazines and newspapers.  You might also consider limiting the search by date (to around the time of the event).


Print Magazines

You can find a few popular magazines on the third of library that might cover your historical event, including:

 Magazine Title  Call Number  Date Range
 Newsweek  051 N47  1941-1970, 1989
 Time  051 T48  1927-2010
 US News & World Report  051 Us1  1950-2010


While there are more efficient ways to search for your topic within these publications (that would require much more explanation), you might consider browsing the issues released around the time of your event.