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Corporate Finance

Social Media

Today, you have an opportunity to expand your research and go well beyond the traditional set of print publications, online databases, news sites, and even the more familiar mailing lists and Web-based forums. It's still important to properly evaluate anecdotal, experiential, opinion, and polemical pieces. So, to wrap up......

You are researching the entry of a new company into a certain market. Your standard research sources would include:

  1. Documents like press releases
  2. Company Web site data
  3. Governmental statistics
  4. Trade news articles
  5. Market research reports
  6. Monitoring a relevant discussion group. (You might pose a question or make a few phone calls)
  7. Monitoring a blog to see if the company and industry are being discussed by knowledgeable people and to getting yourself inside these discussions.

Free tools that monitor Who and What's hot on the Net: