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Description of citation managers

What Are Citation Managers

Citation managers can help you:

  • Save and organize your research materials
  • Create in-text citations, footnotes, endnotes, and bibliographies*
  • Add notes to your materials so you can remember and how and what is important about the item
  • Share resources with colleagues 

*Students should always check citations created by citation managers and other citation creating tools to make sure they are accurate and properly formatted.


1.User-friendly interface
2. Web-based with desktop application
3. Import from databases
4. Senses bibliographic information from websites
5. Word and Open Office integration
6. Collects pdfs, audio/video files, images, snapshots of websites, etc.
7. Available for Macs, Windows, and Linux
8. 300 MB of storage for free (additional storage is available for a fee) 

Download​ Zotero

Zotero Quick Start Guide



1.User-friendly interface
2.Works with IE, Chrome, Firefox, & Safari
3.Ability to annotate pdfs
4.Can share libraries with others for group projects
5.iOS and Android mobile applications
6.Import from other reference managers
7.2GB storage with addition available for a fee
8. Works with Word and Open Office

Download Mendeley

Mendeley Help Guides


1.Simple interface and expert mode option
2.Import pdfs from other reference managers
3.Can annotate pdfs
4.OCR feature
5.BibTex sniffer for metadata
6.Brainstorm/visual mapping feature
7.Expedition feature (analyzes your library)
8.Cloud storage with access from web browser or Android application