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Corporate Finance

Blogs and Negative News

1. From the Nexis Uni home page, under "Guided Search", then, under "What are you interested in", highlight News.
2. In the "Search in all News for" box, type: name of your company
3. In the "Choose date range" box, use the down arrow to highlight the date range you're interested in searching. In general, blogs are quite prolific, so you'll be better off if you search a smaller date range.

4. In the Results screen, use the navigation column on the left to limit to your company's industry. This will ensure your company is the main subject of the blog rather than just being mentioned in the blog.

5. In the Results screen, use the navigation column on the left to limit by

Publication Type. In this case, you're looking for blogs.

6. If you're looking for Negative Business News, select that option from the left navigation column. In this case, this shows negative business news from Blogs.

7. If you're looking for negative business news in other publication types, scroll to the top of the "Narrow By" column and select the "X" next to blogs.  Your results will increase and return you to all the news segments.


1. From the main screen, type: your company name

2. From the Results list, select your company's headquarters location.

3. From the left column, under Company Information, select: Financials

4. Select the tab, Financials Dashboard.

5. In the middle of the page, under News, select: Blogs

ABI/Inform Collection features a very easy interface to locate blogs, podcasts, and websites.

1. Start at the ABI/Inform Collection Advanced Search page.
2. Type your subject in the search box. Try to use official subject headings you found in the Thesaurus.
2. Scroll down almost to the bottom of the page. You will see three boxes, labeled Source type, Document type, and Language.
3. In the Document type box, check the box by Blogs, Podcasts, and Websites.

Finding blogs, podcasts & websites
4. Search.
5. If you have too many results, use the limits on the left side of the page to narrow your results further.