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MBA 562 - Economic Aspects of Business Decisions

Week 2

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There are two different ways to find articles about "Cap and Trade Policies" in public utilities.

First Method...
Use the thesaurus in the business databases as demonstrated in the Week 1 box.
Consider looking up terms such as cap and trade to find the official subject headings.
You will find official terms like, "emissions trading", "competitive advantage", "public utilities".
Try combining the terms until you find the articles that most directly apply to your topic.

Second Method.....
Go directly to the business databases and start searching, using key words.

1. In ABI/Inform, try cap and trade. You'll get more than 750,000 results.
2. Scroll through the first few titles.
3. When you see one that looks interesting, select the Preview link.
ABI preview link
4. You'll find the abstract of the article, along with the official subject headings assigned to that article.
ABI abstract
5. When you've collected a few subject headings, return to your search, using the official subject headings. Don't forget you always need to be searching in the Advanced Search form, NOT the Basic Search form.
6. Be sure to change the field designation to: Subject heading

ABI subject field