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Financial Instruments

Stock Prices (current and historical)

  1. 1. Type Your Company in the initial screen.

    2. From the Results screen, select T-Mobile.

    3. From the Company Information Box on the left, select: Financials


    4. Select the Financials Dashboard


    5. The large graphic displays the current price, sometimes delayed by 15 minutes.

    6. Slide over the Quote link.

    7. You'll have the option of finding a wide variety of financial information, along with historical stock quotes, day by day, back to the year 2000.


Hover over the links to see descriptions of the websites.

Books with historical stock prices

See info about finding these titles in other libraries from the column on the right, under Dividends.

Charting Services


We don't own this title and you won't be able to request it on Interlibrary Loan.

However, you'll be able to seeit at a library near your home; you can do the following:
1. Select the link,
Worldwide Libraries Own this Item

WMS worldwide libraries
2. Once the screen opens, enter your zip code to find a library near your home that owns the title.