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QS 311 - Global Media Systems

Resources for the study of Global Media Systems

Useful Books

Useful Search Terms

When seeking books on specific kinds of media in different countries, try the following search terms in the library's catalog:

  • Mass media [country name]
    eg. mass media Argentina

  • Media ownership
  • Democracy and media [your country]
  • Dictatorship and media [your country]
  • Communinism and media [your country]
  • Communication Political Aspects
  • Communication Policy [country name]
    eg. communication policy Argentina
  • Communication Systems [your country]
    eg. communication systems Argentina

  • Television Broadcasting [your country]
    eg. television broadcasting Argentina
  • Television stations [your country]
    eg. television stations Argentina

  • [your country] newspapers
    eg. Argentine newspapers

  • Radio stations [your country]
  • eg. Radio stations Argentina]