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MBA 531 - Business in Today's Global Environment

Guide to resources that will help in completing the assignments based on the course syllabus.

International Business Subject Guides

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Many aspects of your research are covered in three different web guides that have been developed for our business students. See the guides in the boxes below:

Your course objectives include:

  •  World Trading Systems
  • Foreign Direct Investments
  • Methods for entering new countries and markets
  • Effectiveness of corporate strategies worldwide
  • Cultural differences in business

International Business - Industries

International Business - Industries
Provides access to industry reports, business opportunities & trade shows, and foreign exchange rates.

The task of international marketing research is mainly to determine if a company should go international or remain domestic. Companies will:

    • Assess global market demand
    • Determine which market to enter
    • Determine how to enter the markets
    • Determine how to market in target areas

In addition to finding business opportunities, attending industry trade shows is a great way to gather more information about it. You can identify major players, view the products, accumulate product literature, and meet representatives of many of the companies involved. Lists of exhibitors and lists of attendees are also great tools. Many major shows can be identified in this guide.

Industry associations (or, trade associations) are good sources of statistical and overview information. On the web, trade association home pages cover news and legislative concerns. Most include productivity reports, as well as data analysis and trends for their industry.

International Business - Country Data

International Business - Country Data
Provides a good measure of information about countries. Includes information about trade, regulations, labor, and culture. Here, you will find web sites that will lead you to finding answers about global human resources, as well as web sites and books describing how the culture in different countries affects business practices.

In addition, you'll find databases and sites that cover key global developments influencing company strategy, including country, regional, and global supply.

International Business - Companies

International Business - Companies
Provides resources to find international company profiles and access to international news. You'll be able to find articles about how individual company strategies fared in the marketplace.