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MBA 531 - Business in Today's Global Environment

Guide to resources that will help in completing the assignments based on the course syllabus.

Finding subject terms in a Database Thesaurus

Use the Thesaurus within ABI/Inform Collection to find broader and narrower terms for Globalization. You can mix and match the words to find focused results. Follow the following steps to get to the Thesaurus:
  1. From the top of the white part of the screen, select the link, Thesaurus.


2. Next to the Search Terms box, type: Globalization
When it appears, select it.

ABI/Inform thesaurus for globalization

4. You will see the designation, Broader Terms: International Trade
5. Select: International Trade
6. You will see the designation for Narrower Terms:
7. Now, you'll find a long list of terms you can use to add to your search to focus on the exact topic you need.

Use this process to find correct subject headings for all your Weekly Activity assignments:
Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, Currency exchange, and Organizational Culture.

You may have to use alternate or related words that the thesaurus uses rather than the terms you had in mind. Using the correct thesaurus term will get you to your best resources quickly.


If you run into any difficulties, give me a call so I can help you walk through your search.



1. From the top blue bar, select: Thesaurus
BSP thesaurus location

2. Skip to the second box and type in your search term: Trade
3. You'll see a long list of entries reflecting different aspects of trade. Select the one that best suits your needs.
4. Keep driving deeper until you find the most relevant terms.

BSP thesaurus search box


Use this process to find the correct terms for any topic you want to research.