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QS 212: Comics in Crisis (SP 2019)

MLA International Bibliography

Helpful Hint: Use the Primary Subject Work or Primary Subject Author fields for searching either by:
1. Selecting one of these fields using the dropdown menu to the right of the search box:

Screenshot showing sample primary subject work search

2. In the search box type: SA [insert author's name] OR SK [insert text title]:

Helpful Hint: When searching for academic journal articles, place a check next to Academic Journals under the Source Types Limiter on the results screen.

Academic Search Premier

Helpful Hint: Due to the broader scope and larger size of this database (compared to MLA International Bibliography), you need to think more carefully about your search strategy:

1. Remember to use quotation marks around a phrase, such as the title of your text.

2. If the title of your text might be a search term for another topic or your author has a common name, you will want to combine the author and title in one search using the AND boolean operator. Example: Persepolis is a graphic novel, an ancient city, a song, and the name of an Iranian soccer team.  Just searching Persepolis could find articles on any of these topics.

3. When searching for academic journal articles, place a check next to Academic Journals under the Source Types Limiter on the results screen.

Literary Reference Center

While you can search the Literary Reference Center like other EBSCO databases with which you are already familiar (second example), you might also try this approach:

Browse by Author

1. In the red menu bar at the top of the database, click on Browse Authors

2. Conduct a search for your author (last name, first name) and click on your author's name (if available)

3. While the initial screen will have a biographical entry, you should consider looking at the Related Information box for useful material:

Use the Advanced Search

1. Underneath the search box, click advanced search

2. Type your title in the first search line and the author in the second search line and click search

3. Review the results

Interlibrary Loan

Some articles that you discover in a database will not include the full text. 

In these cases, you should first try finding the full text using the "Find Full Text" link.  You can watch the following tutorial to learn more about this tool:

If you are unable to locate the full text of the article using Find A Journal, you should then use the Interlibrary Loan Form link on the search results page.  Upon filling in the information and submitting the request, the library staff will work on getting the resource as quickly as possible.