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BS 430 Business Analytics

Guide for research in scholarly journals

Step 1: Basic overview of the library website

Visiting the library website for the first time can be overwhelming.   In order to get your bearings, take a few minutes to watch the video below that provides an overview of the resources and services available on the library website.
4:08 minutes

Step 2: Become more familiar with the search tabs

Now that you have a basic understanding of the website, let's delve deeper into the three main tabs.  When searching for journal articles by topic, the best place to begin is by using the resources provided in the Databases tab.  To learn more about searching databases, watch the video below.
4:48 minutes

Step 3: Fine-tune your research skills

While the previous videos have shown you how to conduct basic searches, you will need to develop more advanced search strategies for your own research.  The following two videos introduce foundational search strategies for fine tuning your research skills.
Search tips, part 1 - 5:15 minutes
Search tips, part 2 - 8:23 minutes