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Welcome to the LibGuide for Baker Core! Here is where you can begin your research journey with advice for where to search, searching strategies, filtering results, choosing sources, and what to do when you still have questions.

What is Baker Core?

Baker Core incorporates an essential part of a liberal arts education: well-roundedness. While each Baker Core class has a different theme, the main idea of each of them is to provide you with transferable skills you can use for the rest of your life. Baker Core classes aim at teaching you critical thinking and critical reading, research abilities, and writing skills through the lens of multiple disciplines: creative arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. 

The reading and writing skills you'll learn in Baker Core will not only be necessary for the rest of your time at Baker, but also for the rest of your life. In today's day and age where people can put anything they want on the internet with little to no authority or fact-checking, it's incredibly important that we all learn to think critically about the information we encounter.

To learn more about Baker Core, you can go here: