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Using the Journals Tab: Guide

On the library website, we have multiple ways that you can search for materials: databases, catalog, and journals. But how can you effectively use the journals tab? Look here to find out!


When looking for articles on databases, finding what you need is not always straightforward. Sometimes you encounter articles that feel like they'd be perfect, but aren't immediately available and you don't have time to request an ILL. There is one more way that you can try to find an article: by searching for the journal!

We subscribe to numerous journals for your research use. A great way to search for or browse these journals is by using the green Journals tab on the library search page:


Let's say you'd found this article online that you want to read, but you can't seem to find a way to read it:

What information can we gather from this image to help us potentially find it? There is a link, but if you click on it, you'll notice it takes you to a database you don't have access to through Baker. So, what is on here that we might be able to look for?

On this page, we have a citation, nice and clear. And one thing I can see? This article was published in the UCLA Law Review Journal. Maybe my library has access to this journal!

Let's try searching for the UCLA Law Review on the Journals tab:

I'll just type the name of the journal into the text box, I'll select the "contains" option just to be safe, and then click search.

Look at that! We've got three journals from UCLA Law to choose from, all with full text links. I'm going to select the "UCLA Law Review & Discourse" as this is the journal I'm specifically looking for.

When I click on this link, it will pull up this page to the right of my search results:

Now I know that we DO have access to this journal, and I can find it on NexisUni! Let's click the link provided after "Journal:"

Now I'm taken to NexisUni's database, with the UCLA Law Review Journal selected, so I know I'll only be searching within that journal. Let's search for the article:

And look, here it is!

Now I can read this article when previously I thought I didn't have any access to it!


Using the Journals won't work every time. Unfortunately, we cannot subscribe to every journal in existence. However, this can be a potential way to find articles that seem otherwise unavailable. But remember, if you're ever having difficulty or you have any questions, you can always ask a librarian!