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ED262: Children's Literature: Guide


Welcome to the Guide for EN262: Children's Literature! Here you can find course information, resources, and helpful databases.

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The third floor:

026 Libraries for specific subjects

028 Reading & use of other information media

370-379 All things Education (372 specifically is Elementary education)

808.068 Children's Literature

_07 will include books about teaching whatever subject they fall under

The second floor:

On the back wall by the study rooms, we are building our children's literature and School of Education collection. Anything that is in the pink area!

Course Description

This course emphasizes the reading, evaluation, and presentation of literature appropriate for elementary children. The class will explore various literary genres through the readings of authentic children's books, poetry collections, picture books, and novels. Specific topics of study include: the history of children's literature, diversity of characters, settings, plots, themes, cultures, and prominent authors and illustrators. A variety of literary presentations and teaching methods will be explore.

Course Assignments:

  • Character Connection (40 points)
  • History of Children's Literature (30 points)
  • Read Aloud Reflection (40 points)
  • Literature Circles (40 points)
  • Design a Picture Book (60 points)
  • Top 25 Book List (40 points)
  • Discussion Forum (20 points)

Look below for links related to some of the books for this class!