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MBA 580 - Executive Leadership (revised)

Finding articles

As you will see, the subject of Leadership in any form, will return thousands of articles. In order to find more focused results, try using the thesaurus that is embedded in most of the Business Databases.

Using Keywords

One method of finding articles is to use keywords. For example, if you are searching for Leader Behavior, type those words in the search box.


2. You'll get almost 4,000 results. Scroll through the first few citations to see if there is something of interest to you. Below the title, you can see the subject headings that were used for that article. Go back to your search and use the more specific terms to narrow your results.

Don't forget to use the left navigation column to limit even further.


Instructions for using a database thesaurus

1. Starting from the Advanced Search page, scroll to the top search bar and select: Thesaurus

Whether you're looking for any specific leadership, like strategic leadership, or ethical leadership, or leader behavior, etc. use the term leadership in your search. Then, add any other words you find in the thesaurus.

2. For example, if you're looking for articles about ethical leadership, type ethics in the box. Then, select the term when it appears. You'll see a list of other possible terms you may not have thought of.


Your final search will look something like this: Be sure to change the field box to Subject heading....Otherwise, the search will return thousands of results where any of your words appear.

When you see your results, use the column on the left to narrow your search Scholarly Journals, by Date, etc.