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COVID-19's Impact on Business

Industry databases

Consult the library's databases which feature information on industries.

See: Industry information: databases


Global Data Point is embedded within the database, ABI/Inform Trade & Industry

In the Advanced Search screen, your search can look like this:

global data in Publications - PUB
AND (covid-19 or coronavirus)

Air Travel

Retail/ Commerce


1. Track down "who cares?" about the industry.

Are there industry associations? (Google industry name + association + to find them. Example: restaurant association

See the subject guide: Industry Associations to find names of associations

Are their government regulators? (For restaurants, think of the local Public Health agency or the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). You can Google industry name + government regulators to find some quickly.)

Once you find these organizations, look on their websites for sections called News, Reports, Resources, Education, etc. Some of these resources will only be available to members of the trade/industry association, but many will be available for free.

2. Do some advanced Google searching. Examples:

restaurant association covid-19
This search returns news and reports from a variety of national and local restaurant associations on COVID-19.

"food service" covid-19 filetype:pdf
This search returns results for PDFs on US government websites related to the phrase 'food service' and COVID-19.

Cruise Lines



Sports/ Events/ Festivals

Use your access to the Wall Street Journal to find articles like this:

Coronavirus Is Devastating the Conference Circuit; Health risks spur hundreds of cancelations, causing tens of millions of dollars in losses as organizers weigh offering refunds

Eaton, Collin; Elliott, Rebecca; Findell, Elizabeth.Wall Street Journal (Online); New York, N.Y. [New York, N.Y]04 Mar 2020.

Publishing/ Media