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International Business - Country Data

Resources covering the business environment outside of the U.S.

Economic and Political Risk

  • BMI (Business Monitor International) Country Risk Report
    Provides analysis of global industries and research on leading companies in Emerging Markets. Covers all key global developments influencing company strategy, including country, regional, and global supply.
    See alternative access to BMI under the ABI/Inform Collection tab.
  • The PRS Group International Country Risk Guide
    IBC's International Country Risk Guide provides in-depth analysis of every factor that could affect business, trade or investments in countries around the world. Each report covers politics, economic policy, extensive analysis of economic trends, and an assessment of the country's financial condition. The Guide is useful for multinational business executives. bankers, importers and exporters and fund managers. More than 130 countries get the in-depth coverage every year. In addition, countries are monitored for changing conditions throughout the year.

Follow these steps to access either of these resource:

1. In the large Search area near the top of the page, type: publication and BMI in parenthesis.

eg: publication (bmi)
publication (PRS Group International Country Risk Guide)

3. In the results page, use the column on the left to Narrow your results further.

4. If you are looking for country information, use the Geography link. 


5. If you want to narrow by industry, use the Industry link.


6. Use as many limiters as possible to narrow your results further. For example, if you want to know about the Economy of the country, use the Subject link.


7. If you need a specific company, type the company name in the Search Within Results box.


Country Watch
Comprehensive and regularly updated reports on every recognized independent country.  Robust reports include coverage of a given country's history, economy, government, political landscape including foreign policy orientation, business and investment climate, socio-cultural scene including key demographic features, and pertinent environmental issues.

In the first space, type: country review
In the second space, type: name of your country


Political Risk Yearbook
There are several ways to find information from this resource.

Method #1
1. In the first search box, type: Political Risk Yearbook.
2. Change the field label to: SO Publication Name
3. In the second search box, type: your country.


Method #2  (for a broader search)
1. In the first search box, type: your country AND risk.
2. Change the field label to: SU Subject.



1. From the opening screen, under Browse, select:Country Reports. 
2. From the Publications screen, select the Country and Type: your country in the "Browse for" box,

Embedded within this database, you'll find:
EIU Viewswire AND Business Monitor International (BMI) Industry Reports.

  • EIU Viewswire
    Continuously updated political, economic, and financial risk analysis for 120 countries. In addition to social and economic indicators, includes summary measures of economic, market, and political risk

Follow these steps to access this resource:

1. From the dark green banner at the top of the page, select: Browse

2. Scroll down to: Country Reports and select: Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Viewswire
ABI Complete Viewswire

3. In the next screen, you will have a choice to search by your country or by topics.




1. From the dark green banner at the top of the page, select: Browse

2. Under Industry and Market Research, select: Business Monitor International (BMI) Industry Reports

3. In the next screen, you will have a choice to search by your country or by topics.
ABI Complete BMI by location