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International Business - Country Data

Resources covering the business environment outside of the U.S.

Regulations, Economics, Labor, and Trade


In the Baker University Catalog, try the following subject headings to locate both print and e-books about trade regulations and contracts worldwide. Precede each search with the letters su.

Your search will look like this:
su:trade regulations

  • trade regulations
  • international trade
  • business enterprises - government policy
  • developing countries - economic policy

You will find a long list of books in the Baker University catalog that discuss Doing Business in a wide variety of countries. Check the catalog with the words, Doing Business.  Below, are a couple of titles you might find useful.

​1. Highlight News
2. Enter your search terms. Type the word, industry followed by your industry in parenthesis. For example, industry (automotive)
3. Select your date range using the down arrow.
4. Search.


4. In the results page, use the column on the left to Narrow your results further.
5.  Under Publication Type, select:Business Opportunities.

6. Continue using other segments to narrow further. For example, under Subjects, select: automotive.

Try these websites, too.