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International Business - Industries

Information about industries outside of the U.S.

Business Opportunities and Trade Shows

Development Banks are, by their nature, interested in encouraging trade and industry in the parts of the world they serve. Some of the websites for the various banks have a tremendous amount of information about their member countries. They also frequently have procurement notices and business opportunities.

The task of international marketing research is mainly to determine if a company should go international or remain domestic. Companies will:

    • Assess global market demand
    • Determine which market to enter
    • Determine how to enter the markets
    • Determine how to market in target areas

In addition, attending trade shows of the industry is a great way to gather more information about it. You can identify major players, view the products, accumulate product literature, and meet representatives of many of the companies involved. Lists of exhibitors and lists of attendees are also great tools. Many major shows can be identified online through:

‚Äč1. Highlight News
2. Enter your search terms. Type the word, industry followed by your industry in parenthesis. For example, industry (automotive)
3. Select your date range using the down arrow.
4. Search.


4. In the results page, use the column on the left to Narrow your results further.
5.  Under Publication Type, select:Business Opportunities.

6. Continue using other segments to narrow further. For example, under Subjects, select: automotive.