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Supply chain and Value chain

Resources to help you undertake an internal analysis of a company’s value chain.

Important trade associations in this field

The following organizations play important roles in the entire supply chain process and reflect the changing needs and trends within the Supply Chain and Logistics areas. 

Find a Trade Association in the following databases:

1. Start from the Advanced Search screen.


2. Scroll down to: by content type and select: Associations. Leave the search boxes empty and select: Search.

3. Slide to the right. Under Filter Your Results, select Publication Title, and then the encyclopedia of associations your need. Most of the time, you'll be using the second one, Encyclopedia of Associations: National Organizations of the U.S. Select: Apply.


4. Slide to the right again. Under Filter Your Results, select: Search Within, then your industry. For example, Airlines. Select : Submit.

5. Under Associations, you'll see the first few listings. In order to see the entire list, select: Associations.

Embedded within this database, you'll find First Research.
Provides industry profiles covering over 1000 industry segments.

Follow these steps to access:

1. From the Advanced Search screen, slide to the top left and select the 3-bar menu.

2. Select: Browse


3. Under Industry and Market Research, select: First Research

3. Scroll down to find your industry.
4.Select: View Documents

5. Select a .PDF document that looks interesting. Scroll to the end and find a segment titled: Industry Websites. You'll find a list of associations that monitor your industry.

ABI First Research Industry websites

Why consult Trade Associations?

Professional and trade associations are membership organizations, usually nonprofit, which serve the interests of members who share a common field of activity. Often, when doing research, it is quite helpful to consult an industry trade association to gather data and trends.

The activities of professional and trade associations often include some or all of the following:

  • providing public relations for the field
  • collecting and publishing statistics on the industry or profession
  • advising members on technological or management issues
  • promoting research
  • sponsoring conferences
  • monitoring regulations in the field
  • lobbying government

Associations typically publish a newsletter or magazine distributed to members and many produce additional publications for the public. Some compile proprietary market data and analysis that is available only to members.