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MBA 557 - Accounting Applications for Management

SWOT Reports

Business Source Premier SWOT search

  1. In the Search Box, type: your company. For example: McDonald's
  2. Search.
  3. When the company profile appears, the SWOT Reports will appear on the right side of the page.

1. From the Guided Search area, [What are you interested in?]. highlight News
2. In the next box, [Search in all News for:], type your company and swot. For example, Microsoft and swot
3. In the next box,  [Choose date range], use the down arrow and highlight: whatever date range you need.

4. In the results page, use the filters in the left column to focus even further. 


Newspaper and periodical articles can provide extensive and varied types of information on companies--for example, new ventures, marketing campaigns, analyses of financial situations, pending lawsuits, scandal or ethics issues, trade barriers, regulatory issues, information about new competitors, workforce shifts, and the weak economy.

You can find business related articles in all of our Business Databases.

How to do the research

Annual Reports

Often, you will find that much of the kind of information you need may be found in a company's annual report. Most public companies will feature access to their annual reports on their web pages.

Tip box annual reports search

Look for headings such as "Risks" in the Table of Contents to locate the issues that will comprise a SWOT Analysis.