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The Library Information Science Minor: Introduction

Information about the Library Information Science Minor at Baker University.

What is the minor?

The Library and Information Science minor gives students an opportunity to encounter, explore, and engage with information in our global society, with an emphasis on the professional possibilities in the realm of librarianship. Graduates with this minor will be responsible global citizens who think critically, communicate effectively, act ethically, serve generously, and live fully. 

The minor will include required class Introduction to Library Science as well as many other specialized classes and an opportunity to intern in a preferred sect of libraries.

Who is the minor for?

Everyone! While we encourage anyone who thinks they might be interested in a career as a librarian to take on this minor, the classes are also designed to work for students from any and all backgrounds. Many of the classes from the LIS department will fulfill BC humanities requirements. If you think it sounds interesting, you might want to be a librarian, or you just like books and want to learn more, this is the minor for you.

Program Objectives

Understand the basic function of libraries and how libraries function in society.

Discover opportunities for careers in the field of Library & Information Science.

Explore the joys of reading and research both personally and professionally.

Develop information literacy skills in relation to reference work in libraries and beyond.

Develop user services and outreach skills and apply them in practicum setting.

Demonstrate research skills and application through coursework and practicum experiences.

Develop a career plan and plan the next steps if a career in Library Information Science is desired.