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Competitive Analysis Checklist

Here's a quick list to review for information you might need or want about a company when you are gathering together information for a project.

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Background Information

  • Company Ownership
  • Company History
  • Background of Key Management

Financial Information

  • Total Company Revenues
  • Assessment of Overall Profitability

Facility Information

  • Number of Company Facilities
  • Detailed Information on Major Facilities
  • Location of Facilities
  • Size of Facilities
  • Age of Facilities
  • Recent/Planned Expansion of Major Facilities

Employment Information

  • Total Number of Employees
  • Number of Employees by Major Job Classification
  • Collective Bargaining Agreements

Product/Service Line Information

  • Description of Major or Minor Company Product Lines
  • Sales by Company Product Line

Marketing Information

  • Major Markets Served by Company
  • Market Share in Major Markets
  • Major Customers Served, by Market

Distribution Information

  • Major Distribution Channels Used by Company
  • Volume by Major Distribution Channel

Sales Force Information

  • Size of Company Sales Force
  • Organization of Sales Force
  • Method of Compensating Sales Force

Strategic Direction of Company

  • Direction of new Product Development Efforts
  • Direction of new Market Development Efforts