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MBA 553 - Marketing Management and Strategy

International country information

In addition to the sites recommended in your syllabus, try one of the following:

In addition, you will find helpful economic information from our databases.

Country Information from our databases

In addition to the sites already listed, ABI/Inform Collection features even more access to economic conditions worldwide.

1. Start at the ABI/Inform Advanced Search page. (Use link provided above)

2. From the Advanced Search screen, slide to the top left and select the 3-bar menu.

3. Select BROWSE

3. Slide down to Country Reports.
4. See the last two listings, Oxford Economics By Country Industry Forecast and Oxford Economics Country Economic Forecast.

Start at the home page.
Select: Country Reports.


A tabbed page opens.
Select the Country tab.
Once you select the country you need, you can filter further by entering a specific topic in the: Browse for box.


International Industry information

See the guide titled International Industry Reports

In addition, see the following site for a tool that provides users an opportunity to gather many different sources of data into one document.