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Historical Government Documents

STEP 1: Browse for Topic


1. Browse this index for your topic of interest.  For each document of interest, record all information provided about the document. If my topic was the Spanish Flu, I would find the following entries:


2. Turn to the schedule of volumes in the back of the book, and find the serial set number based on the type of document and volume listed in the entry found above.  For my entry, I would go to the House Documents section and find volume 9.  This will lead me to serial number 7803.

STEP 2: Find the full text document

While the library does not have physical volumes of the US Serial Set, a number of digitized copies are available, including:

1. After opening the HathiTrust link for the US Serial Set, click Control + F to search for the appropriate volume and open the full view link.  In our example, we searched for 7803.


2.  Since our volume is not available electronically, it would be a good idea to talk with a librarian to determine how to gain access to the publication.  Even if a digital copy is not available, the library can place an interlibrary loan request on your behalf.