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HI 437: Alexander's Legacy

Search for Books

One place you will want to search for information is the library's book collection.  To search all books held by Baker University, you will need to search the library catalog:

Search for books and other resources

Go to the Advanced Search | Video Tutorial


This will search the catalog record for your topic. If you wish to search the full text of our ebooks, try searching below:


Browsing the Print Collection

Since library books are organized by topic using the Dewey Decimal System, you can browse the shelves for relevant call numbers.  Here are some call numbers that might be useful:

292   Greek & Roman religion 885   Classical Greek Speeches
340   Law 886   Classical Greek Letters
343   Military, tax, trade & industrial law 913   Geography of & travel in ancient world
355   Military science 930   Ancient history
382   Internationalcommerce 932   Egypt to 640
390   Customs, etiquette & folklore 933   Palestine to 70
399   Customs of war & diplomacy 934   India to 647
623   Military & nautical engineering 935   Mesopotamia & Iranian Plateau to 637
641   Food & drink 938   Greece to 323
880   Greek literature 939   Other parts of ancient world to ca. 640

A more complete list of Dewey Numbers is available from OCLC.

Browsing eBooks

While you can search our entire eBook collection using the library catalog, over 93% of our eBooks are available in ebrary.  Just like the print collection, ebrary permits browsing the electronic book shelf by doing the following:

  1. Under the catalog tab of the library homepage, click "Search ebrary"
  2. At the top of the screen, click the Advanced link (next to the purple search button)
  3. Change Text and Key Fields to Dewey Decimal Number
  4. Enter the range of the numbers you are interested in viewing (ex. 913 to 913.9999 for Geography of the ancient world)
  5. Review the results

Catalog Tutorial

General Books on Alexander's Successors