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HI 437: Alexander's Legacy

Search Tips for L’Année philologique

HINT 1: Know what you are searching and how you can search. 
Since there is no full text in this database, you will be searching the content of a record (such as the two below).

Record 1

Record 2

As you can see, there is very little information for each record.  When using the advanced search, you have the following search options:

  Most Useful     Less Useful  
  Full Text     Publisher  
  Subjects and Disciplines Prior to Volume 67     Series Title  
  Subjects and Disciplines After Volume 67     Journal Title  
  Ancient Authors and Texts     Reviews by Journal Title  
  Word(s) of title     Reviews by Author  
  Modern Authors     APh Record Number  


HINT 2: Use the English filter within the Advanced Search.

HINT 3: The default sort is by author, you might consider changing this to aid your search.  However, be aware that equally relevant results are sorted by date (oldest to newest).

HINT 4: Just like other databases, you can filter your records from the result page (on the right).

From L'Annee Philologique to Full Text

When you find a journal article of interest, click the magnifying glass in the upper-right corner of the record.  On the resulting screen you will see if it is available in Baker's electronic or print collection.  If it is not available, you can click the Request This Item Link to place an ILL request. If this button is not available, you can also place a request using the Interlibrary Loan Form on the library homepage (FYI - you will need to determine the full journal name by hovering over the purple abbreviation (ex. AJA)).

If you are looking for a book or a chapter of a book, you will need to search the book title in the library catalog.  If the book is not available in Baker's collection, change the Limit to: dropdown to Libraries Worldwide and conduct a new search.  You can then request the book using the Request Item (ILL) button.

Useful Databases

Subject Searching in L'Annee Philologique

In 1999, L'Annee Philologique changed its subject hierarchy.  Please be aware when you use terms from the pre-1999 hierarchy, they might not find publications from 1999 to the present and vice-versa.  While the first level of the hierarchy has changed a little, the general categories are still the same:

I. - Literature
II. - Linguistics
III. - Textual transmission
IV. - Non-literary sources
V. - History and civilization
VI. - Law and justice
VII. - Philosophy and the history of ideas
VIII. - Science and technology
IX. - The classical tradition
X. - Festschriften and collections