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EDD Dissertation Guide

Guide for students in the EDD programs writing their dissertations.

What Are Citation Managers

Citation managers can help you:

  • Save and organize your research materials
  • Create in-text citations, footnotes, endnotes, and bibliographies*
  • Add notes to your materials so you can remember and how and what is important about the item
  • Share resources with colleagues 

*Students should always check citations created by citation managers and other citation creating tools to make sure they are accurate and properly formatted.


1.User-friendly interface
2. Web-based with desktop application
3. Import from databases
4. Senses bibliographic information from websites
5. Word and Open Office integration
6. Collects pdfs, audio/video files, images, snapshots of websites, etc.
7. Available for Macs, Windows, and Linux
8. 300 MB of storage for free (additional storage is available for a fee) 

Download​ Zotero

Zotero Quick Start Guide



1.User-friendly interface
2.Works with IE, Chrome, Firefox, & Safari
3.Ability to annotate pdfs
4.Can share libraries with others for group projects
5.iOS and Android mobile applications
6.Import from other reference managers
7.2GB storage with addition available for a fee
8. Works with Word and Open Office

Download Mendeley

Mendeley Help Guides