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Citations of unpublished holdings must include the following information where available:

  • Author/creator
  • Collection and series title
  • Title or description of the item itself /Date of item
  • Folder title
  • Call number(s)/Box Number
  • Name of the repository (Baker University Archives, or Archives of the Kansas Area of the United Methodist Church, as appropriate)

Unpublished works are protected under the copyright law.


Linking to an article is often suggested as a way to avoid making copies and distributing them. If the material you are linking to is covered by a license, as in the case of the library databases, you may want to see if there is any prohibition against linking. The library is aware of one case, the Harvard Business Review, where each article carries a note that prohibits linking.

Options for Retaining Your Copyright

When negotiating copyright agreements with publishers, you may wish to consider the need for future access to your own work before relinquishing all rights to a publisher. Model licenses and tips on negotiating with publishers can be found at the following sites:

Student Intellectual Property Rights

  • Intellectual property created by a student in the employ of the University is work done for hire and belongs entirely to the University.
  • Academic work may be used by the University in support of its educational mission. Examples of this use include exercises in peer-critiques, distributing copies of exemplary papers or showing performance tapes, among others.
  • Care should be taken to respect the rights of students under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.


Individual departments or programs (such as KNBU) have licenses for their use of music, plays, images, etc. These licenses cover only the department or program that has contracted them, not the entire University.