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Copyright Roles at Baker University


Individuals are responsible for complying with the copyright laws. This is a complex area of the law with a number of factors to consider. It is not possible to provide absolute guidelines that work equally well in all circumstances, so it is important for users of copyrighted materials to document their usage in instances where use might be questioned.


The Technical Services Librarian is available to discuss compliance issues and options. This is reference service provided by someone who works to stay familiar with the issues rather than legal advice.


The Office of the Vice President of Finance and Administration handles cases requiring the licensing of information and performance rights. Any payments come from the department or office for which the license is required.

DMCA Agent

Under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, the University has designated the Director of Budget & Ancillary Services as the agent to receive notification of instances where infringing material resides on University-hosted websites or information repositories. Darla Prather can be reached at Baker University, PO Box 65, Baldwin City, KS 66006; 785.594.8340 or


The Technical Services Librarian provides assistance in paying royalties for published materials. Payments are the responsibility of the department or office using those materials.


If further legal concerns remain, the Director of Library Services may consult with the chief academic officer regarding further assistance.