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Copyright Policy Overview

The rapid pace of development in instructional technologies and increased access to information has spawned laws and regulations designed to protect intellectual property. In an effort to provide both understanding and guidance for students, faculty and staff at Baker University developed the following policies:

  • Policy on the Use of Copyrighted Materials (2021)

The library staff shall provide educational resources and opportunities for Baker students, staff and faculty to become familiar with the copyright law, its implementation and enforcement.

Members of the Baker Community are expected to use copyrighted materials in accordance with copyright laws (Title 17 of the United States Code, sect. 101 et seq.) by obtaining permission of the copyright owner, by licensing or paying royalties for use, or by using the material in accordance with one of the exemptions or limitations on copyright that are incorporated into the law.

Additionally, the library staff may be called upon to put reliable copyright information at the disposal of individuals with specific questions. If further legal concerns remain, the director of library services may consult with the chief academic officer regarding legal assistance.