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Private Companies


Finding information on public companies in ABI/Inform Complete or Business Source Premier is not very difficult. The same is not true for private companies and/or divisions of public companies. Try to find Promega in the company search box of ABI/Inform or the Company Profile section of Business Source Premier. The results will be satisfactory but general. All this means is that you have to change your search strategy.

You can tighten the search for information on the private companies by changing the parameters of your search to look for mentions of the company name in the kind of documents that will dwell on more in depth information.

In the databases

The problem with this type of text searching is that an article can mention the word Promega but the article might not have anything meaty to say about the company or yield very little information. What often happens is that an official of the company is quoted in an article. There are ways to handle this.

You can sort your results by date or relevancy. The default is date, but in this kind of search if you change the box to relevancy it will rank your searches by how many times (relevancy) the word you are searching for is mentioned in the article. Also, you can select the Document type, which means you can eliminate seeing wire stories and brief news articles.

Search results box in ABI/Inform, using relevancy and limiting the Date and Document Type:

In Business Source Premier, the search screen defaults to showing the results by relevancy and the screen would look like this:

Business Source Premier relevancy example