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Private Companies

Trade Associations

Identify trade associations

One of the best strategies for locating information on private companies is to contact the trade association that monitors the company's specific industry or product. On the web, their home pages cover news, legislative concerns, and, most productively, data, analysis, and trends for their industry.

Find a Trade Association in the following databases:

1. Start by selecting Advanced Search

Business Insights Global advanced search

2. In the Search box, type any descriptive word that identifies the trade association you are searching.(Whether you are looking for a specific Association Name or just any association that has a particular word, this is the procedure to follow).

Business Insights Global field searching

3. Use the drop down arrow to highlight one of the three words under the term, Associations: if you want names of associations from other countries, highlight Countries, if you only have a descriptive word, highlight Description, and if you have the industry NAICS code, type the number in the search box, and then highlight NAICS.

4. Select:Search.

5. Once the results page appears, select the View All link to see the entire list.

Business Insights Global association results screen

Embedded within this database, you'll find First Research.
Provides industry profiles covering over 1000 industry segments.

Follow these steps to access:

1. From the Advanced Search screen, slide to the top left and select the 3-bar menu.


2. Select: BROWSE

3. Under Industry and Market Research, select: First Research

4. Scroll down to find your industry.
5.Select: View Documents

6. Select a .PDF document that looks interesting. Scroll to the end and find a segment titled: Industry Websites. You'll find a list of associations that monitor your industry.

ABI First Research Industry websites