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MBA 562 - Economic Aspects of Business Decisions

Change in price or service

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After viewing the videos about searching databases in the box labeled, Article Reviews, the next step is using the correct words while doing your search. As an example for finding articles about pricing, take a look at this example:

If you'd like to read some articles on price elasticity and/or income elasticity in the Natural Gas Utilities, try finding some articles in one of our business databases.You'll find much better targeted articles if you use the database's official subject headings or thesaurus rather than any word that might describe your issue. 

Using a database thesaurus

1. Starting from the Advanced Search page, scroll to the top search bar and select: Thesaurus


2. Type your search term in the box. EG: price elasticity. Then, select the term when it appears.


3. You'll see a list of other possible terms you may not have thought of.


1. From the Advanced Search screen scroll to the top of the page and select: Thesaurus


2. In the Thesaurus search screen move to the second box and type your term. EG, price elasticity. This database doesn't use that term, so instead it provides you with the correct term for this database.


3. After selecting Elasticity (Economics), take a look at all the other terms you can use to focus in on your topic.