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MBA 562 - Economic Aspects of Business Decisions



Keep up with the current events of your company or industry 

Types of sources to look for are:

  • newspapers (online or in print)
  • other news media (tv, online, etc)
  • press releases
  • reports
  • surveys

Searching Nexis Uni for Trade publications and News Releases

1. From the Guided Search area, [What are you interested in?]. highlight News.
2. In the next box, [Search in all News for:], type your industry For example, toy industry
3. In the next box,  [..Choose date range], use the down arrow and highlight: One year. (or whatever time period you need)

4. In the results page, use the column on the left to Narrow your results further.
5. Under Timeline, drag the arrow to the right until the chart displays the time frame you need.
6. Under Publication Type, narrow down to: Industry Trade Press or Press Releases

8. Continue using other segments to narrow further. 


Databases providing access to NEWS


Trade Publications

A source of current industry trends are trade publications such as industry magazines and newspapers, which are essential for developing a good industry analysis.