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MBA 562 - Economic Aspects of Business Decisions

Research Paper - U.S. Industry

icons representing an array of industries


In addition to the resources already called out in your syllabus, consider consulting the following databases to flesh out your research on industries.

Identification of major competitors:
See the subject guide: How to Find Competitors

Major issues, concerns, or threats facing the industry:
See the subject guide: Industry information 

Industry forecasts and trends:
See the subject guide: News and Trade Publications
A source of current industry trends are trade publications such as industry magazines and newspapers, which are essential for developing a good industry analysis.

Mergers and Acquisitions

1. From the Nexis/Uni home page, slide to the top of the page.
2. Click on the down arrow by Menu. Select: Company Dossier
Company Dossier is a special section of Nexis Uni. Once you find your company, you will see a section called "Mergers" in each of their Company Reports. If you have some specific company names within an industry, you can find out about each individual company's Merger activities.

Follow these steps to find "Mergers" in Company Dossier.
1. Type your company name in the Company Name box and Search. (I used Southwest Airlines)
2. When the company names links appear, select the link for your company.
3. When the Snapshot screen appears, scroll down the navigation column on the left and select the link, Company Activities
7. Finally, select: Mergers