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International Business - Companies

Resources needed to find companies operating outside of the U.S.

Find a List of Companies by Country

1. At the opening screen, select: Companies.
2. Then slide down to Company Finder.

Business Insights Global company finder

3.  From the Select a Country drop down menu, highlight the name of the country you are searching.
4. This will result in a list of companies headquartered in a specific country, organized by revenue.


1. In the first search box, type your country.

2. Change the search field to: GE Geographic Terms.
  BSP by country

3. In the Results screen, slide to the left navigation area, under Source Types, and select: Show More.
Business Source Premier limit by source type

4. Check the box for: SWOT Analysis and select: Update

Business source Premier limit by swot
5. Slide to the left navigation area, under Company,
6. Open the list under Company, then select Show More.

Business Source Premier Limit by company

7. You will now see a list of all the German companies listed in this database, along with the number of articles found for each one.

Business Source Premier results list of companies

5. The remaining citations will list companies located in the country you specified along with the MarketLine link to the company profile.


1. From the Nexis/Uni home page, slide to the top of the page.
2. Click on the down arrow by Menu. Select: Company Dossier

3. Once you're in the Company Dossier screen,
4.. Place a check by: Only show headquarters locations box, which will help limit the number of results.
5. Next to Regions/Countries, select: Edit

4. You will be prompted to select your region, then country.

5. The results will list the top 3 companies. You'll need to select the View All button to see the entire list.