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International Business - Companies

Resources needed to find companies operating outside of the U.S.



As countries impose tariffs on a variety of products, individual companies will see an impact on their bottom line. These reports feature an overview of those impacts.

Finding Tariff Information

1. From the library's home page, select the orange tab for access to the Catalog. 
2. In the Search box, type: Political Risk Yearbook and Your country.
For example: Political Risk Yearbook and Argentina


2. From the Results page, select: Access Journal

3. From the Publication page, select the most current date.

4. Access the .PDF Country report.


Search for "political risk yearbook" and the name of the country.

For example:

Presents accurate and rigorous analysis of present and future political and economic conditions in the more than 100 countries most important to international business. To find "tariff" reports specifically, press the Control" key on your computer along with the letter "F", then type: tariffs. You'll be taken directly to the portion of the reports reporting on tariffs.