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International Business - Companies

Resources needed to find companies operating outside of the U.S.

Global News

Newspaper articles can be helpful in locating a local perspective of a company. Many times, local reporters will elaborate and/or delve more deeply into a company's business practices.

For articles from international newspapers, you can select from a wide range of newspapers, most in English, and many in the native language:

News Sources

1. From the Nexis Uni home page, under "What are you interested in", highlight News.
2. In the "Search in all News" box, type: Your company; (for example, Disney)
3. In the "Search Data Range" box, select the period you want to cover.


4In the results page, use the column on the left to Narrow your results further.
5. Under Geography, select the region you're interested in seeing. This will bring up publications from that area, both in English and other languages.


5. If you want to see a foreign language publication, select Language and then, the specific language you'd like to see.


6. You can continue to narrow your search by using any of the segments in the left column.