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Company Information

Resources that will help you uncover how all kinds of companies function, whether they are public, private, or not-for-profit.

SWOT Analysis

There are various strategies for finding a SWOT analysis. Not every resource listed here will provide a SWOT for every company you may be interested in researching. You may have to try more than one avenue before you hit pay dirt.

How to do the research

SWOT Reports

Business Source Premier SWOT search

  1. In the Search Box, type: your company. For example: McDonald's
  2. Search.
  3. When the company profile appears, SWOT Analysis will appear on the right side of the screen. 

Often, you will find that much of the kind of information you need may be found in a company's annual report. Most public companies will feature access to their annual reports on their web pages.

           Finding a company's annual report on the Internet:
           In Google, type: your company followed by investor relations.
                 For example:
                McDonald's investor relations

In the annual report, look for Risks