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Company Information

Resources that will help you uncover how all kinds of companies function, whether they are public, private, or not-for-profit.

Historical Company Information

You can glean much helpful information by examining how companies project their identities and public images through their own versions of the past as well as discovering how others view them. The following sites will provide some insight into corporate histories.

Database Options

1. Start by typing your company in the top search box.
2. When the Company Profile comes up, scroll to the middle of the page.
3. Under In-depth Articles, select either Company history or Chronology.


Company History

1. From the Guided Search area, [What are you interested in?]. highlight Company Info.
2. In the next box, [Search in all Company Information for:], type your company. For example, Home Depot.
3. In the next box,  [..and show me], use the drop-down box to highlight: All company information

4. From the column on the left, scroll down to: Sources.
5. Under Sources, highlight: Hoover's Company Records In-Depth-Records.

Note #1:
Verify you are selecting Hoover's Company Records In-Depth-Records, and NOT Hoover's Company Records - Basic Records.
Note #2:

Hoover's Company Records In-Depth-Records will not cover all companies.

6. From the Results screen, open any of the citations.
7. Once you open the record, scroll down until you find the section titled, History.

1. From the Find a Company page, type your company in the Company Name box.

Find a company

2 From the Snapshot screen, scroll to Company Information, then, Company History


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