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Industry Information

Resources that will fill in how a company functions within its business community.

Industry Info from....

1. Start by typing your industry in the main search box. (for example: Automobile manufacturing)

2. Using the down arrow, select the term: Industry


3. Select the industry from the Results screen.


1. In the Browse area, select: Industry Profiles.

2. In the Publications screen, type any word that describes your industry. For example, "airlines".

3. As an alternative, you can search for a preselected industry. Select the industry tab and scroll down to the industry you are searching.

1. From the Nexis/Uni home page, slide to the top of the page.
2. Click on the down arrow by Menu. Select: Company Dossier

3. You will be now be starting in Company Dossier.
4.. Type the name of your company and select:Find

5.  Select your company from the list that appears in the next screen.
6.. From the Snapshot screen, scroll down to Industry Knowledge, and then, Industry Overview. 
The new screen will list companies doing business in the same SIC Code, along with a link to the Integra Reports

company dossier integra reports


Integra Industry reports provide an overall industry balance sheet that includes an industry income statement along with industry ratios.

Plunkett Reports provide  industry trends analysis, statistics, and profiles of public and private companies. Also corporate financials and executives. 

Plunkett Reports is embedded within ABI/Inform Collection. Follow these steps to access Plunkett Reports

1. From the top green banner, select: Publications

2. In the Search page, type: Plunkett Reports in the search box. Use the drop down box to highlight: in publication summary.

3. In the Results page, you can limit your search by date, 

4. In addition, if you are looking for a specific industry, you can type: AND your industry after plunkett reports. For example, plunkett reports AND airlines.

First Research is embedded within ABI/Inform Collection and its reports analyze industries quarterly. Follow these steps to access First Research.


1. From the top green banner, select: Browse

2. Under Industry and Market Research, select: First Research

3. Find your industry from the alphabetical list of industries provided.

4. After selecting your industry, the results will appear. It's best to Sort your results by "Most Recent First"

Especially focused on small business.