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Industry Information

Resources that will fill in how a company functions within its business community.

Find Industry information in:

1. From the top bar, select: Industry Research
2. Slide down and select: US Industry Reports (NAICS)

3. Scroll down until you find your specific industry codes.
For example, 72 - Accommodation and Food Services
(If you don't know the NAICS number of your industry, use the SEARCH IBISWorld search box in the top right of the screen)

4. Use the column on the left to filter all the industry information you need.






1. From the Gale: Business Insights home page, scroll down along the left side of the screen to Explore Industries.
2. Select: Browse all industries.

3. Scroll down the two-digit NAICS codes and select the one for your industry.
For example, If you need a report on the Airlines industry, s
elect the arrow in front of 48: Transportation
4. Continue drilling down until you find: 48111: Scheduled Air Transportation. Select it.

5. The results screen will show all the industry reports.

1. From the Business Searching Interface home page, select: Industry Profiles.
2. You can either use the industry tab to find your industry, or you can type your industry into the search box.

3. Once you locate your industry, select it.

4. Once the list of report dates appear, select the most current report you see.


5. Select the .PDF version.

6. Look through the Table of Contents to find Porter's 5 Forces Analysis


First Research is embedded within ABI/Inform Collection and its reports analyze industries quarterly. Follow these steps to access First Research.


1. From the Advanced Search screen, slide to the top left and select the 3-bar menu.

2. Select: BROWSE


2. Under Industry and Market Research, select: First Research

3. Find your industry from the alphabetical list of industries provided.

4. After selecting your industry, the results will appear. It's best to Sort your results by "Most Recent First"

Especially focused on small business.

Trends Analysis

When doing research on an industry, think about using these terms:

  • Global market advantage
  • Technology trends
  • Regulatory trends
  • Strategies, concepts and product development
  • segment discussions

Contacts that will come in handy:

  1. industry associations
  2. professional societies
  3. government agencies