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Industry Information

Resources that will fill in how a company functions within its business community.

Statistical Data

The following postings will be very valuable in retrieving data from public as well as government sources. Once you have gathered a wide range of statistics, you will be able to do a comprehensive industry analysis that reports on industry trends, statistics, and forecasts.

1. From the top bar, select: Industry Research
2. Slide down and select: US Industry Reports (NAICS)

3. Scroll down until you find your specific industry codes.
For example, 72 - Accommodation and Food Services
(If you don't know the NAICS number of your industry, use the SEARCH IBISWorld search box in the top right of the screen)

4. Use the column on the left to filter for industry information.

5. Use the down arrow next to Industry at a glance.
6. Scroll down to Key Statistics Snapshot
7. Continue scrolling to Key Trends
8. Continue scrolling to Key Industry Data