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Blogs and Negative News

  1. From the Nexis Uni homepage, under "Guided Search", then, "What are you interested in", highlight News.
  2. In the "Search in all News For" box, type Name of your company
  3. In the "Choose Date Range" box, use the drop down box to highlight the date range you're interested in searching. In genral, Blogs are quite prolific, so you'll be better off if you search a smaller date range.

4. In the Results screen, use the navigation column on the left to limit to your company's industry. This will ensure your company is the main subject of the blog rather than just being mentioned in pasing.

       5. In the Results screen, use the navigation column on the left to limit by:
Publication Type. In this case, you're looking for blogs.

          6. If you're looking for Negative business news, use the Navigation column on the left and find Negative News.

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