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Corporate Finance

Where to find earnings calls...

1. From the Guided Search box, under What are you interested in? select: News
2. In Search in all News for box, type your company and earnings calls.
3. In Choose date range, use the drop down box and highlight one year.

FD Wire publishes conference calls.
Here are the steps to follow to locate conference calls in this publication.

1. From the Nexis Uni home page, under "What are you interested in", highlight A Publication.
2. In the "Search for something specific" box, type: Your Company earning calls: (eg. Ford earnings calls)
3. In the "Find Publication" box, type: FD Wire (FD Fair Disclosure Wire will populate the box.)


4. The Results page will list the most current earnings calls.


1. From the Nexis/Uni home page, slide to the top of the page.
2. Click on the down arrow by Menu. Select: Company Dossier

1. From the Company Dossier home page,
2. In the Company Name box, type: your company name.
3. Select your company name from the list.
4. Under "News", select, "Top Publication".
5. Select Transcripts.
6. Find the most current "Earnings Call" report.