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Corporate Finance

Industry Norms and Ratios

When starting a business or comparing a company's performance to competitors in its industry, you will need sample financial statements, also known as “industry norms” or “operating ratios”. Data for typical operating items such as assets, debt, sales, profit, labor, advertising, rent, and insurance expense, as well as other financial ratios may be found in the sources listed below. These figures are published by industry groups, banks, and trade associations for use as benchmarks. They are compiled by analyzing the financial statements of companies in that particular industry and calculating the mean or average figure for selected categories.

Finding industry ratios from the DATABASES

1. From the top bar, select: Industry Research
2. Slide down and select: US Industry Reports (NAICS)

3. Scroll down until you find your specific industry codes.
For example, 72 - Accommodation and Food Services
(If you don't know the NAICS number of your industry, use the SEARCH IBISWorld search box in the top right of the screen)

4. From the left navigation column, select: Key Statistics
5. Slide down and select: Key ratios

1. From the opening page, scroll down the left side to find the section labeled, Explore Industries


2. Either type the product or industry name or use the appropriate NAICS code.
For instance, if your industry is airlines, either type airlines or use the NAICS code for Transportation


3. Select the industry and continue to find the specific industry you need.

4. The new screen will feature industry reports from a   variety of publishers.

5. Plunkett Reports, specifically, provides industry ratios.

Finding Industry Ratios on the Web