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Corporate Finance

Calculate Ratios by......

The sources listed below give definitions or explain how ratios are calculated and how they can be used to analyze the financial health of a business or industry. Slide your mouse over the circled "i" for more info. Click on the book jacket or title to see the catalog entry.

If we don't own it, you'll have to request it on Interlibrary Loan, which you'll be able to do directly from the catalog site. If it is an electronic book, using your Baker ID, you'll be able to log in directly into the book.

For books that are not available electronically, if you'd prefer to see the books at a library near your home, you can do the following:
1. Select the link,
Worldwide Libraries Own this Item

WMS worldwide libraries
2. Once the screen opens, enter you zip code to find a library near your home that owns the title.