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Marketing Research

Highlights sites and resources needed to understand an existing market and identify its critical components.

Consumer demographics

Nexis Uni has access to 22 publications from New Strategist Press. New Strategist publishes a series of titles that track consumer demographics and trends across generations and industries, providing concise and clear data for those with an interest in marketing, product development and consumer research.

To access all of the New Strategist titles:

1. From the top of the screen, select the down arrow icon next to Menu.
2. Select: All Sources.

Nexis Uni All Sources

3. In the Search Within Sources box, type: New Strategist, then Search.

Nexis Uni New Strategist

4. In the large area of the screen, you'll find all the titles that are published by the New Strategist. Scroll through and find a title that sounds like it will target your need.
5. Once located, slide to the right and use the down arrow key.
6. Highlight: Get Documents

New Strategist

Search Terms to Find Articles

Try using some of these search terms in the Business Databases:

Brand Loyalty

Brand Preferences

Consumer Attitudes

Consumer Behavior

Consumer Spending


Customer Feedback

Customer Satisfaction


Elasticity of Demand

Market Segmentation

Market Segments

Niche Marketing

Product acceptance

Product choice

Propensity to consume

Purchasing Power

Social Conditions and Trends

Target Markets

Conduct the search as follows:

Start with the company or industry or product or brand

Then, combine with any of the search terms in the previous chart:

  • Pepsi AND (consumer attitudes OR consumer behavior)
  • (Athletic footwear OR Athletic Shoes OR Sneakers) AND (product choice OR product acceptance)

affluent market

African American market

Asian American market

Baby Boom market


Ethnic market

Gay & Lesbian market

Generation X market

Generation Y

Green market

Hispanic market

Mature market

Men's market

Minority market

Women's market

Youth market

Search Terms to find Books

Try any of the following subject headings in the Baker University Library Catalog
Enter your search in the box below.

Consumer Behavior - United States

Consumer Preferences

Consumers - Attitudes

Consumers - United States - Statistics

Demographic Surveys

Market Surveys - United States - Statistics

Public Opinion - United States

Social Surveys

Search for books and other resources

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